Tip Top Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a vegetable garden staple. Grow gloriously red and ripe tomatoes this summer by following these tips!

Loads of Sun
Plant your maters in the sunniest spot in your garden. Tomatoes soak up loads up sunshine and need about seven hours of the stuff each day. When planting multiple plants, space the plants about 48 inches apart to allow light to reach the lower part of your plants. This will also improve air flow.

Rich Soil
Tomatoes dig rich, well-draining soil that is slightly acidic. Aim for a pH of 6.5 to 6.8. You can either use a soil tester at home or bring in a sample to your local garden center for a test. If you’ve got too much acidity, you can add dolomite lime. If the test results show that you have too much alkaline, you can add a little organic compost to your soil.

Bug Off Buddies
Placing companion plants like basil, onions, and garlic with your tomatoes can help ward off crop-damaging pets like nematodes. Moles also hate the pungent plant so…win-win.

Water and Mulch
Tomatoes need about an inch of water a week. To help keep the moisture from evaporating in the summer heat, spread a layer of mulch (shredded bark, grass clippings, etc.) on top of your soil.

So Long Suckers!
To keep your tomato plant’s energy focused on growing fruit, you’ll need to prune off the suckers. Suckers are the little leaves that shoot out from the main stem. This will help promote air circulation and reduce the chance of diseases.

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