Soaker Hose Tips

Ensuring that your garden gets adequate water is half the battle. Soaker hoses are an inexpensive and flexible alternative to expensive irrigation systems. They are easy to move around as well making it easier to update your watering system as your garden grows. Soaker hoses enable you to get water to your plants where they need it most…at the root. They save time (no moving around sprinklers or hand watering) and they save money by reducing water loss via evaporation. Follow these tips for soaker hose success. 

Chill Time
Before placing your hose around the plants, unroll the hose and let it relax for a bit. This will reduce kinkage which blocks the flow of water.

Flush It Out
Flush your hose when you first install it and a few more times throughout the season. This will help flush out any potential debris. When you disconnect your soaker hose from it’s water source, plug the open end with a cap to prevent soil or insects from getting into it.

Cover It Up
Cover your soaker hose with 2-3 inches of mulch. This will help retain moisture, reduce evaporation, and protect your hose from sun damage.

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