S’Mores 6 Ways

Summer is the time for running barefoot in the grass, playing in the sprinkler, and staying up well past the time the stars have come out. It’s also the best time of year for toasting marshmallows around a backyard campfire. Enjoy your favorite past time with these new S’Mores variations! 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries S’Mores
Squeeze a little healthy fruit into your decadent campfire treat with this S’Mores option.
Graham cracker + chocolate + sliced strawberries + chocolate + marshmallow + graham cracker = Yum!

Bit ‘O Honey S’Mores
If you love sugar cookies, you’re going to drool over this tasty variation!
Sugar cookie + marshmallow + honey + sugar cookie = Oh man!

Birthday Cake S’Mores
It’s everyone’s special day with this yummy option!
Graham cracker + vanilla frosting + cake sprinkles + chocolate + graham cracker = Whoa!

Sweet ‘N’ Tart S’Mores
This decadent option is guaranteed to satisfy all the foodies at the fire pit!
Molasses cookie + marshmallow + lemon curd = That thing deserves a Michelin Star!

Fluffer Nutter S’Smores
This nostalgia-inducing recipe will be a hit with the entire family.
Graham cracker + marshmallow cream + peanut butter + chocolate + graham cracker = Delicious!

Mallow Monster
This is the king of all S’Mores! You may not be able to eat more than one, but you’ll have fun trying.
Rice Krispy Treat + marshmallow + chocolate bar + Rich Krispy Treat = Oh. My. Word.

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