Fairy Gardens

It only seems natural that those mischievous supernatural beings called fairies would thrive in garden settings! Whether you’ve got a broken clay pot or a space under a big shrub in your yard, fairy gardens can grow just about anywhere!  You can entice them into your home with tiny miniature gardens in a tea cup.  Most any container will do, as long as the plants you use are going to be happy.  We all have different tastes when it comes to gardening, and so do fairies!  Some like it wild like a jungle, and other fairies like to keep their gardens neat and structured.

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Visit us on Pinterest to see some of our creations, as well as ones we’ve seen at trade shows and other places.  We have lots of plants that are easy to grow and that will stay small — tons of ideas about how to decorate your special place for these sweet little creatures.

Dream it! Create it!

Whatever you can imagine, we can help you create. And remember, this isn’t just a “girly” project.  We have many young fellows that visit the greenhouse that have made their own gardens for their action figures to play in!

From Gardner Lynne: Fairies are quite taken with bright shiny things – like marbles and beads, so be sure to include them in your garden!  And don’t be surprised if  one day these little baubles have been rearranged, a sure sign that a fairy has been there!  Personally,  I have a number of fairies that are known as house fairies. These fairies in good fun are known to hide things from us — you know, all those things we must have misplaced and cannot find?