Best Slicing Cucumbers

There are all kinds of cucumber varieties offered here at the Greenhouse. Here are our favorite varieties of slicing cucumbers (HPS).

  • Spacemaster 60 days. Ideal for small gardens. Plants have short vines that do not run. Fruits are 7.5” and dark green. Good disease resistance and heavy yielder.
  • Straight Eight 58 days. 1935 AAS Sinner. Old timer that doesn’t disappoint. A best yielding early slicer. 6-8” long with small seed cities and mild flavor. Vigorous vines. You will want to give this variety some space.
  • Sweet Slice 62 days. Sweet, burpless and never bitter. 10-12”. Slim, dark green fruits have tender skins. Moderately vigorous vines and extremely productive; highly disease resistant.

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