Big doin’s at the Rt. 11 Greenhouse and Back Home on the farm this year….

But first a little history so you understand what’s REALLY going on!   Miss Lynne started out with a little 10×10 greenhouse that Gary constructed on a dare after he thought she had paid too much for plants for a single flowerbed in the front yard .  That was about 40 years ago.  She remembers standing in a brand new 18×24 ft. greenhouse the next year and thinking that she’d NEVER fill it up!

Six greenhouses and 10,000 ft. of growing space later, Farmer Gary and Miss Lynne decided to give up the wholesale business and enter retail.  Then came another 10,000 sq. ft. of space at a brand new location on Rt. 11 South at the Shenandoah Heritage Market.  Named the “Best Greenhouse in the Valley” for the last 4 years, the retail business has thrived, known for it’s houseplants, hanging baskets, veggie plants, bedding plants, perennials and much…. much more!  Their pottery selections rivals any in the area!

So in 2014,  the next chapter of this saga unfolds….

Miss Lynne and Farmer Gary  decided to close the retail business on Rt. 11 in June of this year and move the retail business back home on the farm. In July, the Rt. 11 location was completely disassembled and buckets of bolts and trusses from the greenhouse were loaded up and trucked home by farmer neighbors.  It’s hard to believe pile of metal is a greenhouse!  Between farm chores and maze activities, a portion of the cornfield that currently is home to the maze will transform into a pad on which we will rebuild the greenhouse.  So, look for us to reopen in March of 2015.  For right now, though, Lynne is busy caring for a crop of mums and they, along with pansies and fall crops will be available at the farm this fall.

There’s just so much going on out here at the farm!  A country store, weddings, Country Teas, a butterfly conservatory in the summer, all those fall pumpkin and maze activities…. and in 2014, Christmas parties, a winter wonderland and much more is planned.  It just makes sense for us to consolidate all our efforts in one place as we continue to expand activities at the farm.

House plants and more!

We have become known for our extensive collection of containers for houseplants and container gardens. We offer design advice and even invite customers to plant their containers or ours right here in the greenhouse.  All of that will continue at the farm location in the spring.

Butterfly Conservatory

In June, we host a butterfly conservatory for 10 days right in the greenhouse at the farm. Proceeds benefit the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Day Care Center. Hundreds of butterflies are released in the conservatory for this event.

Experts are on hand to answer questions about the plants and butterflies – a real learning experience!

As summer rolls around, visit the farm with your children, enjoy the butterflies, or just relax and enjoy the fresh air!  Farm activities, including the carousel, slide, cow train and much more are available 9-1 Monday through Friday through the summer.  The greenhouses are always open from 9-1 Monday -Friday at the farm during the summer.  If you wish to visit on weekends, just give us a call as we can usually accommodate you if a private party or activity is not in progress at the farm.

Fall is aMAZEing!

September through October we are at the peak of fall activities with painting pumpkins, growing pansies and thousands of mums. Join us at our corn maze “Back Home on the Farm” at our home location just north of Harrisonburg.


Christmas is magical!

We finish the maze season on November 2nd and begin the magical transformation of Christmas.   We’re excited – a Christmas Winter Wonderland, Santa’s workshop, children’s activities, and we’ll be offering company Christmas parties – we promise you’ll have fun!