Spring at the Greenhouse

After nearly 20 years of selling plants at the Shenandoah Heritage Farmers’ Market, Hess Greenhouse has moved back home, literally … to Back Home on the Farm.  We will be open the first of April for our spring 2017 season with lots of color, greenery and projects.  Get Hours/Dates!

Annuals —  Perennials —  Hanging Baskets — Fairy Gardens
Container Gardens —  Herbs —  Houseplants


Visit the farm to see demonstration flower beds and garden plots in progress.  We’re looking forward to this opportunity for testing certain plants in our local heat, soil and weather.


Come here! Go away!

We can’t make up our minds! Some plants live in our gardens or yards to serve as an open invitation for pollinators, a group of critters that includes bees, moths, wasps, butterflies and even beetles. Without pollinators, flowers would not bloom to populate our greenhouses with lovely plants, we would not have a pumpkin patch or a Butterfly House — or honey! Find out what kinds of plants are available to attract pollinators to your garden!  Go to: Viva the Pollinators!

And … while you’re at it, we can help you with the kinds of plants that cheerfully say ‘go away’ to mosquitos (citronella and lemon balm) and ants (tansy and chrysanthemums). Did you know that marigolds and garlic will keep away the bunnies? Go to: Repellents

Fresh herbs on the window sill …

This is for a nice paragraph about growing herbs in teacups on a sunny window sill. Go to: We Love Herbs!

We love butterflies!

The spring event that is most popular at the farm and greenhouse is the Butterfly House. We will be growing and planning and planting for the butterflies to hatch just in time to charm our young visitors again this year! Plus, we’ve added a section to our website for building or growing a Butterfly Habitat, in case you’d like to give these lovely insects a home, too!

Fairy gardens? Really?

A wonderful customer of ours introduced us to fairy gardening year ago, and what a fun journey it has been! We’ve researched plants that are easy to care for in these little tiny gardens, and we’ve discovered along the way what fun wee folks can have with creating their own little gardens!  See what we mean …

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