Get Lost in a Cornfield Maze

You can spend an hour or more in the trails cut through our  corn field!  Explore the 3 miles of paths, bridges and clues.   And don’t worry — we haven’t lost anyone yet. This year’s maze design is a secret until opening day!

The maze opens August 26th for the 2017 Season!


Rest assured that our Corn Cops will be around to help direct you to the exit – or the next clue.  Grab a “Maize-o-poly” game board and test your prowess.  You might even become a Farmer of the Ear!  Match wits with friends and family using our  Corn-undrums —  funny pictures that represent a word. We have a new theme every year and this year we celebrate the love of reading.  Stay tuned to see what we’ve designed in the maze this year! On Saturday nights we offer flashlight mazes so come and enjoy the cornfield in a completely different setting, in the moonlight!


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