Get Lost in a Cornfield Maze

You can spend an hour or more in the trails cut through our  corn field!  Explore the 3 miles of paths, bridges and clues.  Answer the questions on our passports to help you find your way. And don’t worry — we haven’t lost anyone yet. This year’s maze design is a secret until opening day!

The maze opens August 27th for the 2017 Season!


Rest assured that our Corn Cops will be around to help direct you to the exit – or the next clue.  Grab a “Maizeopoly” game board and test your prowess.  You might even become a Farmer of the Ear!  Match wits with friends and family using our  Corn-undrums —  funny pictures that represent a word.  Not up to the maze challenge? Try out our smaller maze! It’s contained within the big maze — but it only takes 10-15 minutes to navigate.


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