Perennial Perks

purple flowers

There are lots of perks to planting perennials. You get to enjoy the bounty of new growth without having to buy new seeds and depending on the plant, you may not have to replant at all. Here are a few more reasons perennials are amazing.

Good for the soil.
Because perennials continue to grow for several years, their established root systems actually help improve soil structure by creating channels that allow for water percolation and improved aeration. This is a huge bonus for the microorganisms living in the soil as it gives them the water and oxygen they need to survive, which in turn, produces a better organic soil. Win win.

Better access to nutrients
Back to the roots…Because perennials have a deeper root system, they are able to reach the rich nutrients such as nitrogen, magnesium and iron that annual plants cannot.

Low water needs.
Man, those root system rock! In addition to accessing oodles of vital nutrients, the well-established root systems of perennials enables to them to draw up water up from the ground vs depending on lots of top watering. Bonus perk: Because perennials draw water up, the top layer of soil doesn’t dry out which helps prevent wind erosion and plant damage. Nature is pretty darn cool.

They make babies.
Several perennial plants live for years, but eventually, they begin to decline. Perennials propagate either sexually (seed collection and germination) or vegetatively (au natural through bulb division and runners or manually through layering, cutting and grafting).

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