Marvelous Marigolds

Showcasing blooms in vibrant golds, coppers, and brass, marigolds are a popular flower for many reasons.

Blooms for days…While marigolds can often bloom year-round in warm, dry climates, they’re still a great flower choice for cooler climates and showcase beautiful blooms from summer through fall.

Foodie fact…For ages, farmers have added marigolds to their chicken feed to make the egg yolks brighter!

Mystical powers…The Aztecs believed that marigolds had protective powers and, according to historical references, used the flower to protect themselves from lighting strikes. Needless to say, they put a lot of stock in this flower.

Friend of gardeners…Do you have pesky bunnies eating up your garden? Add some marigolds! Not only are they beautiful, they repel rabbits and pesky bugs.

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