DIY Mason Bee House

Insects like butterflies and bees are fabulous pollinators and are incredibly important in helping our gardens grow!

Mason bees are the busiest bees of them all. It only take a few female mason bees to pollinate an established apple tree! Unlike the pompous honey bee (just kidding, we like them, too), mason bees will work in inclement weather. Another perk? They’re less likely to sting than a honey bee. The male mason bees don’t have stingers and the females will only sting when squished.

So with how amazing these little guys are, why not put out a welcome mat? You can buy a mason bee house OR you can have some fun and build one at home.

What you’ll need…

  • tin can (label peeled and can rinsed)
  • paint (optional)
  • hollow bamboo, straws, or rolled up scrap paper
  • hammer and a nail
  • twine (to hang)

First, using your hammer and nail, put a hole in the bottom of the can near the edge (this will help hang your mason bee house). Spray paint the exterior of your can and let dry. Thread your twine through the bottom of the can and out the top allowing enough length to hang. Insert your bamboo, straws, or rolled up paper tubes (kids love to help do this!).

That’s it! All you have to do now is hang your new mason bee house near your garden and wait for your guests to arrive!

For more ideas on attracting pollinators, visit our Pinterest page!

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