Dinosaur Garden


How cool would it be to plant a dinosaur garden in your backyard? While the lumbering reptiles are long gone, several of the plant species that grew millions of years ago still exist today. Here are a few Mesozoic plants perfect for your prehistoric garden.

Ferns – Did you know that ferns were once the primary vegetation on Earth? Due to their exceptional abilities to evolve and adapt, there are over 12,000 varieties of ferns known today. Awesome, right?

Horsetails – One of the oldest plants in the world, horsetails reproduce the same way ferns do; via spores instead of seeds. Because they can spread rapidly (we’re talking a backyard takeover), it would be a good idea to plant them in a container. In the beginning of their growth, horsetails look a bit like asparagus with a brown cone on top. The cone is what contains the spores. Later in the growing process, stringy, feathery-like leaves appear which make them look like (you guessed it!) horsetails.

Palms – Native to tropical and subtropical areas around the world, palms are very hardy and have been around since the prehistoric times. While most palms prefer warmer climates, there are a few varieties such as the windmill palm that can handle cooler weather and snow. A new species was recently discovered in Canada! 

Talk with your local Greenhouse team to determine which plants work best in your zone. Once you get them planted, encourage the kids to add a few dinosaurs for some fun backyard adventures!