Cooking with Pumpkins

It’s Fall and most of us are busting out our crockpots and casserole dishes to prepare some a-MAZE-ingly festive meals! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin EVERYTHING! Check out these pumpkin varieties perfect for cooking up those delicious Fall feasts!

Pumpkin Varieties
While big carving pumpkins (think Jack-O-Lanterns) are awesome for carving, they are the worst pumpkins for cooking. Their meat is stringy and fairly bland. Instead, go for varieties that are sweet, super flavorful, and have a smoother flesh. Look for pumpkins that are labeled as ‘sugar pumpkins’ or ‘pie pumpkins’. These varieties include Baby Pam, Autumn Gold, Lumina (these are white pumpkins), Cinderella, and Ghost Rider. Great names, right? Visit us here at Back Home on the Farm for your cooking pumpkins!

Pumpkin Size
The best cooking pumpkins should be between 4-8 pounds. Make sure your pumpkins are nice and healthy by checking for bruising or spots. Spots and bruising are signs of rot 

Keep your pumpkins fresh by placing them in a cool temperature. When stored properly, pumpkins can last up to 90 days! If it’s still warm out, you can store your pumpkins in the basement or some other cool place until you’re ready to use them. You could be making pumpkin pies well past Christmas! Also, pumpkin purée freezes very well for future cookery!

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