Flutterby Fascination

Butterflies have always fascinated me. The fact that we have a butterfly house here on the farm is just an extension of my childhood antics — only on a bigger scale.

Summertime when I was growing up was full of farm adventures — I not only chased butterflies, but I also raised them and was intrigued by all the caterpillars that I found in the garden and fields.  I even built a trusty cage (of sorts) to house them. I fed them, watched them form their chrysalis and subsequently emerge as a butterfly (or moth).  I seem to recall my “cage” disappearing shortly after my cute little green swallowtail caterpillar inched it’s way across the living room floor as my mother was entertaining some very important person.  (She wasn’t too happy about the praying mantis case that hatched out in the kitchen window one spring either!)

So now you understand that I’m in my element when it gets to be butterfly time here on the farm.  The butterfly house opens June 18th with hundreds of native butterflies flitting and posing and just making spectacles of themselves.  I love it! It’s my chance to share some of my childhood joys with children who visit.

We release butterflies into the enclosed greenhouse often, so feel free to give the farm a call and I’ll be glad to include you in that experience. We’ll have the farm and the butterfly house open Wednesday through Saturdays, 9am-6pm and Sundays Noon-5pm all summer through August 15th. Hope you’ll join us!

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