Boudoir Plants

aloe vera plantDid you know plants can help you sleep? Yep! NASA even did a big study on it. Just looking at plants can have a soothing effect and reduce blood pressure. They also release water vapor into the air and clean the air by removing pollutants and chemicals. Here are a few of our low-maintenance favorites.

Snake Plant (a.k.a. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue)
We kind of want to meet the person who named this one (seriously…major BURN!). Joking aside, this stylish plant is pretty amazing. It emits oxygen at night while simultaneously absorbing some of the carbon dioxide that we produce when breathing. Snake Plants purify the air by removing common household toxins including benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde toxins.

Aloe Vera
In addition to being an amazing plant for soothing dry skin and burns, aloe vera acts just like the snake plant and emits oxygen into the air at night while removing carbon dioxide. Also, if you buy one aloe vera plant, you’ll have aloe vera for life. It’s basically the rabbit of the plant world and reproduces quickly.

Peace Lily 
Preferring low light, this plant is an awesome option for a dark bedroom. Boasting lush green leaves and beautiful white flowers, this plant is a superstar air purifier. It filters out harmful benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde toxins. This beauty can also increase a room’s humidity by up to 5%. Have allergies? Good news! Peace lilies suppress allergy-microbes. This hard-to-kill plant just needs to be watered once a week.

Golden Pothos
With marbled, heart-shaped leaves, this plant is an air-purifying giant. A workaholic’s best friend, this plant needs but a few hours of sunlight in the morning and a light watering once a week. This fast-growing vine can grow several feet within a single month. It’s also super easy to propagate. Simply snip off a 4-6 inch section making sure the section has at least four leaves. Put the section in a jar of water and place it in an area that gets plenty of indirect sunlight. Plant as soon as it starts to root.

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