3 Earth-Friendly Ways to Plant Seeds

When planting in the greenhouse, we like to repurpose items as much as possible. It’s good for the environment as we’re not junking up landfills unnecessarily and it’s good for our pockets as we’re not having to buy something else for the same use. When it comes to starting seeds, there are lots of common household items you can use as temporary planters. Here are a few of our favorites. We love them because they are all biodegradable and, when planted in your garden, will become part of the soil over time. All you need is some good soil, seeds, and one of the items seen below!

Egg boxes can be left whole to start seedlings indoors or separated so that they can go into the garden once the seedlings are ready.

Before adding your soil and seeds, be sure to rinse out the eggshells and allow them to dry before use.

Using scissors, cut four 1/2-inch slits on one end of a toilet paper roll. Fold the ends over each other to make a solid base.