Spring Field Trips

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Scheduled Weekdays 9am-5pm

Spring is a wonderful time on the farm with planting and growing … and the birth of baby animals! Plus, this year we’re excited to have the retail greenhouses (relocated to the farm) as part of our field trips!  Spring visits to the greenhouse begin April 15th and last until school closes.

Field Trip Fees:

Students  $5 — Teachers and Chaperones are *Free (spring and summer only)
*We recommend a minimum of one chaperone per 3-4 students and a maximum of one chaperone to one student.  Please don’t bring siblings.

What’s included:

Depending on the age of your students, we offer farm learning labs on the following subjects (Teachers, choose four from this list!)

  • Planting seeds for Mr. McGregor’s Garden (students take this home)
  • Transplanting baby plants
  • Learning how Farmer Gary takes care of the farm animals
  • All about earthworms!
  • Making more plants: Dividing and taking cuttings
  • Pizza gardening!
  • Web of Life (not recommended for pre-school or kindergarten)

Also included on all field trips is a ride on our historic Virginia Carousel.  The class will choose plants to take back to school for a school garden or other projects.  Students will have free time to play as schedule allows. Our Barnyard play area will be available (see attractions), plus the Underground Slide, farm animals, and more. Please note that not all of the farm activities are available all seasons.


General Information
  • Learning stations of spring field trips are very hands on and we can only handle 4-5 classes at a time, so field trip days fill quickly. Make your reservations early!
  • All stations are designed to meet the Standard of Learning of the students visiting, and don’t be afraid to ask us if you want specific topics covered or reviewed with your students.
  • Just for Parents: We have a special page of information for parents of students who are attending seasonal field trips at Back Home-on the Farm.
  • Teacher Instructions: Detailed information on how to plan your field trips is available.
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