Fall Field Trips

Teachers rate us as a favorite destination for fall field trips.  While our focus is preschool to first grade, we can accommodate SOLs or teacher requests for any classroom level.  We’ve developed custom presentations to older grades on mapping skills, given talks to FFA classes that want a presentation on agri-tourism.  Just contact us and we’ll design a program to fit your needs!

Preschoolers are encouraged to schedule earlier in the season, preferable September through the 1st week in October.  The weather is warmer and we have fewer field trips scheduled early in the season.  This gives us more time (and space) for daycares and preschools who are usually taking their first ever field trip.

Our grounds are, for the most part, handicap accessible.  Special Ed groups are always welcome.  Our carousel and wagons to the pumpkin patch both accept wheelchairs.

We are pleased to offer our educational field trips for 2014.  Upon arriving, wristbands will be distributed to chaperones and a scavenger hunt card attached to a laynard will be given to each student. We have four learning labs or stations set up around the farm – a honeybee show on our outdoor stage, corny facts, pumpkin station, and farm animals and how we care for them.  Each class will take a ride to the pumpkin patch and every student will pick their own pumpkin to take back to the school.  As students rotate through the learning stations, they will have their scavenger hunt card marked.  When students have all 4 learning labs marked on their scavenger hunt, they have earned a ride on the carousel AND….. their card is validated for a free trip back to the farm with a paying adult at any time during the remainder of the season.  For older students, if there is time, the maze will be open for them to explore.  Please indicate on your field trip reservation form that your group wishes to conquer the maze.

Pig races will be held as time allows during the season.  We are usually able to offer this fun program, including SOL information applicable to the group.  During the days when we are operating at full capacity, usually the last 10 days of October, and it is not always possible to include them.

Due to the increased educational learning labs, the slingshots and cow train will not operate during field trip times.  Students who complete all their activities will have plenty of other fun activities like the sunflower maze, the slide, rubber ducky races and more to enjoy while on the grounds.

We invite you to bring your students to come and get lost in our classroom in the corn… or just pick a pumpkin, visit with the animals and enjoy some of our many attractions.   We work very hard to provide a safe environment for our visitors.  The grounds are closed to the general public during the morning hours of field trip days. We ask that teachers urge chapeorones to arrive early or at the appointed time so as not to delay the class from beginning their activities.  We ask that teachers provide a minimum of 1 chaperone per 3-4 students.  The number of chaperones should be limited to no more than 1 per student.  A field trip is a special time for the parent, child and class; siblings are not allowed.


Students will be charged $5.00  and chaperones are also $5.00.  Teachers and their aides are free.

Upon receiving your reservation, we will send you a packet of information that will include our map of the grounds, activities, and any special instructions.  Approximately a week prior to your trip, we will call to confirm more definite numbers.  Payment for chaperones and students is expected in one sum, either by cash, check, or credit card.  We also will be glad to bill your school if you desire.  IMPORTANT. We encourage schools to bring water, either in bottles or thermos for children.  They are active and on warm days it is important that they stay hydrated.  We have bottled water available at the farm, but we must charge for it.

Should chaperones ask, we do make every effort to have some type of food available.  Menu is limited, but we try to make sure we can take care of everyone.

We schedule field trips Monday through Friday September 16th- October 31st.  from 8:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. We welcome students to enjoy lunch on the grounds if their schedule allows.  In special circumstances, we can schedule field trips from 3-6 p.m., but we are open to the public at that time, and not all learning labs are manned.

Field Trip Curriculum
Our field trips are tailored to accommodate various age groups.  Teachers may choose activities that they feel are most age appropriate for their students and guides, who provide the hayride to the pumpkin patch, alter their talk about the farm to accommodate the needs of the students on board.

Our field trip includes

  • On Line curriculum materials for teachers to share with students either before or after their visit to the far
  • A hayride through farm country to the pumpkin patch  (handicap accessible) and a talk about the farm and its products
  • The student’s choice of a pumpkin or gourd from the pumpkin patch
  • A  ride on the Virginia Carousel upon completion of the learning labs
  • Pig races with SOL related commentary to entertain and educate as time allows
    (Pig Races run at 11:00 and 1:00 unless circumstances prevent the races from occurring
  • Corn Maze if deemed age appropriate
    **The corn maze this year has a mini maze which takes about 15 minutes and a larger maze that requires about an hour.  The mini maze is handicap accessible, the larger maze contains two bridges that makes motorized wheelchair mobility difficult.


No charge for teachers


To make payment, please bring a check, credit card  or cash with you on the day of your visit.
Checks should be made out to GLH Farms, LLC.  

Dates fill quickly so make your reservations as early as possible.

It’s easy!  Make your Reservation today!

We look forward to seeing you Back Home on the Farm!

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