Easter Lilies – Beautiful But Deadly

Easter is just around the corner, folks! Get ready for chocolate bunnies, overflowing baskets, and beautiful, fragrant Easter Lilies! These gorgeous trumpet-shaped blooms come in a large rainbow of vibrant colors and have a very sweet floral scent.

Easter Lilies generally bloom early to mid-summer around June or July. However, they can be grown indoors until the weather warms up. Here are a few tips on caring for these beautiful plants.

Plant care…

Normally, when Easter Lilies are given as gifts, they have a pretty foil wrapped around them. Remove this as soon as possible to prevent water-logged roots.

Easter Lilies need bright, natural light. However, be sure that it’s not placed in direct light as direct light can burn the plant.

After the last frost, your Easter Lily can be planted outdoors. Plant them in a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Root rot is common with this plant so well-draining soil is essential. You can also cover the soil around the plant with mulch to prevent the roots from getting sunburned.

Good to know…

Forgo this plant if you have feline friends.The toxins can cause kidney failure even when ingested in small amounts.

While most folks enjoy the distinct fragrance of Easter Lilies, they may not be a great Easter gift for a pregnant woman. Some expecting women experience a heightened sense of smell and strong fragrances (good or bad) can lead to nausea and/or headaches).

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