Country Store

You just never know what you’ll find in our Country Store!  But you can be assured there’s something for everyone!  Our sweet shop is filled with good old fashioned candies, cookies, and treats.  There’s Blackberry jelly made from pickins’ right here on the farm.  Pickles that came out of Lynne’s garden and lots of other jams and jellies we’ve found to be irresistible – like Traffic Jam and Toe Jam (be sure and ask about these, we can explain!).  We’ve even got Moonshine Jelly!  (No, sheriff, I promise we don’t have a still back in the woods!)  Seriously, though folks, what a great memento to give or take home from the farm!

New this fall! We’re into hot peppers this year! There’s Fiery Garlic Dill Pickles, Ghost Pepper Salsa, Jalapeno Relish and Cajun Candy! For the sweet tooth don’t miss our soft serve ice cream. Different flavors every week.


Gary and Lynne have searched for things to put in the store that are useful, fun, and just kinda cool.  You’ll find barnyard rubber duckies for the kids, kiddie sized garden gloves, little toy tractors (red AND green, of course), back scratchers, Christmas ornaments and lots, lots more!


Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the original Shenandoah Valley Cookbook.  Lots of great recipes and fun memories of Rockingham County all in one neat little book!